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Welcome to our Dental Implant Clinic in India

So many people around the world are having missing teeth due to extraction of there teeth due to some reason or other and are facing problem in chewing and digesting food that they eat. Replacement of missing teeth space by dental implant and crown work is the best possible treatment today. Dental implant is a small and sturdy titanium screw which when placed in the jaw bone functions like once own root. Once it gets fixed to the bone it forms a secure foundation on which different prosthetic attachments like a dental crown, dental bridge, over dentures can be fitted. They are durable can last a life time and you will love to eat and chew your delicious food again with them.

We offer best price affordable budget inexpensive low cost of high quality dental implant treatment procedures in India – A True savings of almost 70 % to 80 % in cost in normal to complex dental implant treatment procedures as compared to cost of dental implant treatment price in America Europe Australia and other parts of the world.
We are using one of the best Implants systems like – Noble Active, Noble Groovy, Noble Replace, Alpha- Bios, Bio-Horizon, Bicon, Tixos, Ossteum – Hiossen, MIS, Alpha-Dent, Uniti, Adin.

All our dental implants are CE and ADA certified.




Type of Dental Implants available at our dental implant clinic in Delhi.

ciThese can be used in almost all the people going for tooth replacement of one tooth, several teeth or all missing teeth treatment.
iilso known as same day implants and are used in cases where we do extractions and implant placement at that time.
idWhere we place implant and put a temporary dental crown on it in the same appointment, so before leaving our dental clinic the patient will be having a new tooth in place.

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Why you may need a Dental Implant Treatment :

  • To replace one or more of your missing teeth.
  • To provide extra support and stability to your partial denture.
  • To keep your upper or lower denture in place.

Dental Restorations on Implants –

s22For a single tooth dental implant the restoration has three parts. Implant post , the abutment and the dental crown.The crown will be cemented on the abutment or will be screwed to it.
multiple-tooth-misingImplant Fixed Bridge is normally given in these conditions; support to the dental bridge will be from the underlying implants.
i11 When someone has all missing teeth or all teeth have to be replaced, we have following treatments for them

  • • Full mouth reconstruction with Dental Implants.
  • • Implant supported fixed Dentures.
  • • All – on – 4.
  • • All – on – 6.
  • • All – on – 8.

We do all latest dental implant treatments like – All-on-4 , All-on-6 , All-on-8, Immediate dental implant procedure, Full mouth reconstruction and rehabilitation with dental implant, Dental Implant Bridge treatment, Implant supported Fixed Dentures, Dental Implant supported Over-dentures, Teeth in an hour, short dental implants, internal sinus lift and external sinus lift procedure, ridge split, bone grafting.

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