At Delhi Dental Center Root Canal Specialist — Dr Amit Goswami and Dr Vandana Goswami will normally need four to five sittings for a conventional dental Root Canal Treatment – RCT procedure. We also routinely do Single Sitting – Single Visit – Root Canal Treatment. You should expect to be able to go to your work the same day after having the root canal treatment procedure done. The course of treatment described here is one of several options available. Dr Amit Goswami and Dr Vandana Goswami will advise you on the best solution for you; given your specific condition and individual.

All our Root Canal Treatment and RCT Procedures are done under strict sterilization and sedation to minimize any pain or discomfort.

All our dental Root Canal Treatment products and equipments are CE and ADA certified..

Treatment Procedure

1st Step : Dental Consultation, Examination and Root Canal Treatment tooth preparation.

Examination and Root Canal Treatment
  • At our Root Canal Treatment Clinic in Delhi – India — Dr Amit Goswami and Dr Vandana Goswami will do dental examination and will take your x – rays to check the shape and root canal infection site. They we will then study your X – Ray and will check the feasibility for a Root Canal Treatment and RCT and tell you all other alternative treatment procedures you can have.
  • If root canal is infected then a local anesthetic injection will be administered at the infected site, with modern techniques the administration of local anesthesia is virtually painless. Then an opening will be made in the tooth (the access opening) with the help of a dental drill to remove the decayed and broken tooth fragments.
  • Duration – 20 to 30 minutes.

2nd Step : Cleaning and Shaping of Root Canal.

Cleaning and Shaping of Root Canal
  • At this step the Endodontist with the help of endodontic treatment instruments at Delhi Dental Center will take out the diseased part of the pulp tissue from the pulp chamber. Next step will be to take out the pulp tissue from the root canals — this will be done with the help of endodontic instruments called as endodontic files.
  • Canals will be cleaned and disinfected periodically and shaped using progressively larger endodontic files. An x-ray will be taken with the file in the tooth to determine the length of the root. In some cases, medications may be placed to prevent infection.
  • Duration– 30 to 60 minutes

3rd Step : Root canal Filling.

Root canal Filling
  • At this step the Dentist will confirm that your root canal space is cleaned and shaped well. Then we will fill the space with a biocompatible rubber like material called “gutta-percha”. The gutta-percha is placed with an adhesive cement to ensure complete sealing of root canals. In most cases temporary filling is used to close the opening. Temporary filling will be replaced with permanent filling before final restoration.
  • Duration– 30 minutes

4th Step : Dental Crown and Bridge placement.

Dental Crown and Bridge placement after RCT
  • After root canal is filled we will do the crown preparation for the RCT treated tooth and teeth and will take final impressions for making your dental crowns and bridges at Delhi India. Once the crown and bridges are made they are checked for the fit and shade and then finally pasted on the teeth with dental cement.
  • Duration– 30 minutes.