At our Delhi Dental Braces Clinic in East Delhi, we have a transparent pricing policy. Treatment fees are standardized and itemized for patient convenience with no VAT or Tax surcharges.

We are the only braces clinic in Delhi who provides removable as well as fixed lingual retainers post orthodontic treatment.

  • All inclusive rough treatment cost price for removable orthodontic retainer is 3,000 INR per retainer, it will be around 56 USD $ per retainer…
  • All inclusive rough treatment cost price for fixed lingual orthodontic retainer is 6,000 INR per retainer, it will be around 112 USD $ per retainer…

USD rates are calculated assuming the exchange rate to be 1 USD = 54 INR. All our treatment fee is charged in INR ( Indian Rupee ), thus all the above exchange rates in USD is an estimate and will vary with that current days rates. The above rates are subject to change without prior notice.

The above dental braces treatment price are for general standard cases. For complex cases with difficulty, the treatment price is subjected to variation, we can tell you about your price estimate on initial consultation; thus treatment fee with ranges vary by complexity of cases.

Please kindly email us at> or please fill our patient query form for any information or assistance on your Braces treatment queries….