If you are suffering from an infected root canal treated tooth or need a re-treatment for your RCT or apicosectomy or need a retrofilling for a root canal therapy or for an endodonticaly treated tooth. We welcome you to our best Root Canal Treatment RCT treatment Dental clinic in East Delhi India with latest RCT techniques and machines to give you the best dental service you may need.

Dr Amit Goswami and Dr Vandana Goswami will need normally four visits for dental implant bridge procedure in new Delhi India. You should expect to be able to work the day after having the implants installed. The course of treatment described here is one of several options available. Dr Amit Goswami and Dr Vandana Goswami will advise
you on the best solution for you, given your specific condition and individual needs.

All our surgical procedures are done under strict sterilization and sedation to minimize any pain or discomfort.


All our dental implants are CE and ADA certified.

Treatment Procedure –

1st Step : Dental Consultation, Examination and X-Rays.

Examination and X-Rays for dental treatment
  • At Delhi Dental Center dentist Dr Amit Goswami and Dr Vandana Goswami will do dental examination and will take your x – rays.
  • They will then study your x – ray and will check the feasibility for a retreatment or apicosectomy or retrofilling for your root canal treated tooth and tell you all other alternative treatment procedures you can have.
  • Duration– 20 to 30 minutes.

2nd Step : Gum Tissue Opened – infected Tissue Removed.

Gum Tissue Opened
  • We will make the area numb and then the gum tissue is reflected and we are able to see the infected bone and decayed root part.
  • We do endodontic surgery at this stage at our dental clinic in Delhi India.
  • Remove the infected part and make the area clean.
  • Duration– 30 to 60 minutes.

3rd Step : Root End Resected — Root End Filled.

Root End Resected
  • At dental Root Canal Therapy clinic Delhi and dental Root Canal Therapy clinic India, our Delhi endodontist will confirm that all the infected part has been removed and then will seal the root tip surface and then put the gums back in place and put stitches to keep the gum tissue in place and for healing to take place.


  • Duration – 30 minutes

4th Step : Bone Healing.

Bone Healing
  • We will check the sutures and the area around and will remove your stitches in a week’s time. Now that the surgery has been completed over the next few months the bone will heal and all signs of disease will disappear.
  • Do your usual dental hygiene to keep the tooth and gum around it clean and healthy.
  • Duration– 30 minutes.