Lava TM Zirconia crowns and Bridges are designed to look and feel like beautiful natural teeth. With more than 8 yrs of clinical experience, its the best your money can buy!!


      • * Precision CAD/CAM system for outstanding marginal fit and superior fit relative to leading competition.
      • * Proven high strnght performance – 1440 mpa 3-pt. bend strength.
      • * 8 yrs clinical study with 100% survival rate.
      • * Natural translucency and unmatched asthetics.
      • * Patented substructure system available in 16 shades.
      • * Limited 15 yrs warranty*
      • * The warranty card will contain a genuine LAVA Authentication label.


      • * Custom Zirconia abutments for a wide variety of implant systems.
      • * Inlay and onlay bridges.
      • * Primary telescopes
      • * 8 unit bridges with upto 4 pontics in the anterior region
      • * Single crowns
      • * Splinted crowns
      • * Cantilever bridges with Cantilever with unit on premolar or incisor**

Tests have proven : Lava TM Zirconia shows a sufficient strenght for this indication. However this type of indication overall can have a higher faliure risk due to decementation and secondary caries regardless of manufacturer. Please refer to national and regional dental associations for more information.

3M TM Essential Zirconia Crowns and Bridges

Now, with 3M TM Essential Zirconia, you can rest assured that you sourced your materials from a trusted industry leader. Check out how this new, cost effective Zirconia stacks up:

3M TM Essential Zirconia Crowns and Bridges


  • * All ceramic and metal free.
  • * Remarkable strength (greater than 1000 mpaand strong enough for clinical situatyions with small occusal reduction of 1.2mm).
  • * Excellent marginal fit.
  • * Limited 5 yrs warranty*
  • * Sub structure available in 3 shades of White, Universal Light and Universal Dark.


  • * Indicated for all anterior and posterior restorations, upto 5 unit bridges.

3M TM Monolith- Full Zirconia Monolith Restorations

3M ESPE innovation, now brings you 3M TM Monolith, full contour Zirconia Restorations. This glazed Zirconia unit has no ceramic layering and gives you strength and asthetics of Zirconia with minimal tooth reduction.


  • * Due to its high strength, 3M TM Monolith restorations are suited for cases with only little inter occlusal space.
  • * Now you can restore a tooth with a preparation of as little as 0.5mm occlusal reduction..
  • * With Monolith you can offer patients with bruxisim a colored tooth and strong restoration (more than 1000 mpa, without ¬† ¬† ¬†porcelain overlay).
  • * With 3M TM Monolith, you have an adequate tooth colored replacement of metal- occlusal PFM or full cost metal restorations for patients who demand a metal-free biocompatible and asthetic restoration.
  • * Limited 5 yrs warranty.